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Prohibiting the Use Of Disposable Plastic Products In Europe
Nov 01, 2018

  On October 24th, local time in Europe, the European Parliament passed a wide-ranging proposal “Prohibiting the use of disposable plastic products” with overwhelming support in Strasbourg, France.

  According to the proposal, by 2021 the EU will ban the use of disposable plastic products with alternatives, such as plastic straws, disposable earplugs, plates and so on. For other disposable plastic products that do not yet have an ideal replacement, the proposal also states that these products need to be reduced by 25% by 2025. The proposal also states that by 2025, EU member states must reduce the use of disposable plastic products without at least 25% without good substitutes, including disposable food boxes, or for fruits, vegetables, desserts, ice cream. Food container. For other plastic products that do not have substitutes, such as beverage bottles, they must be collected separately and recycled at a rate of 90% by 2025.


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