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500 Pairs Disposable Ear Plugs Dispenser
Oct 11, 2018

500 Pairs Disposable Ear Plugs Dispenser

About the product:

  1. Durable plastic design is an economical choice for dispensing earplugs;

  2. The Dispertser offers easy access to single-use earplugs in any jobsite;

  3. Affordable Enough to be placed near every work area.It can Mounts to waill or stands as table-top dispenser with balanced footing:

  4. Twist knob to dispense earplugs.Catch basin prevents earplugs from falling to the ground;

  5. Easy to use,Holds 500 pairs of disposable ear plugs.from every level quickly refilled the earplugs;GEffectiue reminder of the necegsihe to carru eprnluas nnotection



PACKAGING:To be packed in cartoons each contain a dispenser and 500 pairs earplugs


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